SwaLife Biotech have developed a technology that helps to isolate novel small molecule from plants. These small molecules are polyphenolic and alkaloids.

Our process of isolation separate phenolic and alkaloid small molecules. Alkaloids molecules have shown their anti-cancerous activity in breast and skin cancer cells. A target-specific experiment showed that novel alkaloids have inhibited DDR in breast and skin cancer. As our product has activity against DNA damage repair pathway, it is more likely to prevent from emergence of drug resistance strain and provide no escape route for cancer survival.

Phenolic molecules protect or repair DNA damage in normal cells helps in the prevention of cancer. Protecting DNA damage in normal cells help in the prevention of disease caused due to DNA damage.

Our Team

Dr Pravin Badhe


Mr Vishal Khare

(CMO - Chief Marketing Officer)

Dr Uday Surwase

(CFO - Chief Financial Officer)

Advisory Body

Dr. Ian Kill

(Brunel University London)

Andrew Foxley

(Senior Director Scientific Project Management, AstraZeneca)

Bill Liao

(SOSV investment Partner)

More Members

Her role as scientist is to develop different nutraceuticals using bioactive polyphenolic fractions.
She got expertise in developing methods for inductively coupled plasma spectrometer for micronutrient and heavy metal analysis. She have analysed different types of vitamins in Indian plants. She has developed invitro method of growing milk thistle Tulsi and Kalmegh plants in Murashige and Skoog Basal Medium.



RebelBio is one of the most well known startup accelerator programs worldwide.
Swalife Biotech was selected as one of the 15 highest potential life sciences companies https://sosv.com/portfolio/?program=RebelBio&page=1&q=swalife (among more than 250 candidates) that took part in the RebelBio accelerator program (Cork, April-July 2017) for business training and early stage seed-funding.


Contractual Research Organization, Center for Toxicological & Pharmacological Testing. TOXINDIA has been offering high quality toxicological testing services for the last 15 year.

Swalife Healthcare

Swalife healthcare LLP is dealing with pharmaceutical product manufacturing and marketing in different categories.

Accuprec Research Labs PVT.LTD.

Accuprec Research lab Pvt. Ltd.provide research and development solution in the segment of Pharma, Bio, Food and Medical device. company has established Phase-1 research facility for contract research in 18,000 sq. f t area and In-house R&D center in 5,000 sq. ft.

Anazeal Analytical & Research Pvt.Ltd.

AnaZeal Analyticals & Research Pvt. Ltd, is an FDA approved analytical testing unit with GLP facilities to perform some of the most sophisticated laboratory analysis for the pharmaceutical, bulk drugs, cosmetic and ayurvedic formulation industry

Swalife Foundation

Swalife biotech in collaboration with Swalife Foundation will form “Farmers Medicinal Plant growing group.


  • Swalife Advanced Antiageing Revitalizing Cream
  • Swaliv Liver Tonic
  • Swavit
  • Neuropraz

Contact Us

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  • Ireland - 899697917, India - 7038248513, UK - 7565355496

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